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Dallas, TX 75217 (Dallas County)
Interim Community Director, Shelia Gibson

Property Management

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At Assertive Management Group communities, our goal is to provide you with a home of convenience and comfort. You can rely on our approachable, friendly staff and our reputation of convenient and personal service to create a lifestyle that fits your own. Assertive Management Group: A company for your lifestyle.

It is the goal of Assertive Management Group to provide a quality standard of Fair Housing at an Affordable price. We strive to maintain Excellent Service to our Residents while creating a Comfortable Neighborhood environment.

Our Focus: Customer Communication And Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction relies almost completely on effective communication. At Assertive Management Group, our teams are fully engrossed in the relationship that exists with each client as it pertains to the decisions and complexities that apply to their property. This interactive involvement results in a level of intuitiveness for the property managers. Our training programs instill listening techniques that we use to better understand the reaction to services we provide as well as tenants and clients needs. The key to Assertive Management Group is customer satisfaction.

The first line of communication is between the client or property owner and the Property Manager who is trained to be sensitive to the needs of their clients. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. However, Assertive Management Group is on call 24 hours, 7 days a week, on an emergency basis. The Property Management staff has cell phones, voice-mail, remote computer access, and a 24 hour answering service available when needed.


For more information visit Assertive Management Group; www.assertivemgt.com.


As one of the leading nonprofit developers of affordable housing in the United States, Assertive Management Group (AMG) is able to work through every facet of affordable housing development. This development includes community outreach, community planning, and project financing, as well as asset, construction, and property management. We are one of the few organizations in the nation that provides opportunities for affordable housing to communities with low to moderate income individuals and families. We serve seniors, families, and individuals with special needs by providing services like supportive housing for those who were formerly homeless, permanent rentals, transitional housing, and affordable opportunities to own a home. AMG partners both nationally and regionally with private and public partners, as well as governmental partners, to provide the most ideal affordable real estate development practices in order to build and reposition communities.

Through affordable housing preservation, AMG is able to address the deficiency in affordable housing opportunities. Thousands of multifamily rental units are in danger of being removed from the supply of available affordable housing due to expiring public funding. Because Assertive Management Group is refinancing and upgrading the facilities that are at risk, we can provide more affordable real estate opportunities for future families in need without starting extensive amounts of new construction projects.

AMG has also partnered with other nonprofit organizations to replace current General Partners in tax credit projects where there are funding issues and operating deficits, or when a property has faced or is experiencing accumulated amounts of delayed maintenance. These types of arrangements provide the Limited Partners with peace of mind knowing that a secure, experienced, and skilled General Partner will diligently work to minimize any possible recapture of credits.