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Our Focus: Customer Communication And Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction relies almost completely on effective communication. At Assertive Management Group, our teams are fully engrossed in the relationship that exists with each client as it pertains to the decisions and complexities that apply to their property. This interactive involvement results in a level of intuitiveness for the property managers. Our training programs instill listening techniques that we use to better understand the reaction to services we provide as well as tenants and clients needs. The key to Assertive Management Group is customer satisfaction.

The first line of communication is between the client or property owner and the Property Manager who is trained to be sensitive to the needs of their clients. Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. However, Assertive Management Group is on call 24 hours, 7 days a week, on an emergency basis. The Property Management staff has cell phones, voice-mail, remote computer access, and a 24 hour answering service available when needed.

The Assertive Management Group Mission Statement:

It is the goal of Assertive Management Group to provide a quality standard of Fair Housing at an Affordable price. We strive to maintain Excellent Service to our Residents while creating a Comfortable Neighborhood environment.

The Assertive Management Group “Associate”

The men and women who support Assertive Management Group’s efforts through their contributions in the workplace are known as Associates. Rather than defining the relationship based upon employment, the Company identifies its team as people united with each other in common enterprise. Our Associates are partners and colleagues, companions and comrades, working together and in concert to effect Assertive Management Group’s mission.

Our mission is to be a company about people, for people. Assertive Management Group strives:

  • To provide residents with quality service for a convenient and comfortable lifestyle.
  • To provide employees with bright futures and strong roots.
  • To provide business partners with the support and resources for success.

To our residents

At AMG communities, our goal is to provide you with a home of convenience and comfort. You can rely on our approachable, friendly staff and our reputation of convenient and personal service to create a lifestyle that fits your own. Assertive Management Group: A company for your lifestyle.

To our employees

As a member of the Assertive Management Group team, you are an integral part of our company’s foundation. This offers you strong roots and a bright future. With the support and resources of a long-established company, you can grow and develop both personally and professionally with our nationally recognized training programs and opportunities for success. Assertive Management Group : A company for your growth and opportunity.

To our business partners

In partnership with AMG, you can count on us to quickly adapt to the diversity of markets and individual investors. We are able to adapt quickly through sound leadership, our unwavering commitment to serve, and unparalleled industry expertise. Assertive Management Group: A company for your success.