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Our professional team consistently delivers outstanding customer service and quality property and asset management.

At Assertive Management Group, we are committed to service, collaboration, and partnership. We are a proven industry leader, providing comprehensive management resulting in:

Preserved Property Values
Increased Rental Revenues
Greater Protection for Owners

Property Maintenance & Contractor Supervision

Assertive Management Group supervises all contractors issuing periodic and routine services for the building requiring quality workmanship in a timely manner. This includes overseeing the mechanical systems and maintenance within the property such as electrical, HVAC, and plumbing, to provide complete safety and satisfaction for the employees as well as maximize equipment life. Actions of contractors will be supervised. Payments will only be distributed after a project inspection conducted by the Property Manager.

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Accounting & Financial Services

Assertive Management Group can approve payment. We can also make disbursements for and approve normal expenses that recur as provided in the budget. This budget shall be agreed upon beforehand or as the Owner directs. Financial statements are created, maintained, distributed and reviewed on a monthly basis within 20 business days after the month ends. Created on an accrual basis, these financial statements indicate disbursements and receipts, reserve accounts (if applicable), show expense funding or income, cash on hand, and current liabilities. Comparative reports of monthly financials are accompanied with these reports to a pre-approved budget. Any tenant account status reports that are delinquent also accompany this recorded information. At the end of the year, these same reports will be created to detail year-end balances.

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Assertive Management Group will prepare and submit a preliminary yearly budget for approval for the upcoming year. Also, we can prepare budgets that are long term, which indicate upcoming capital expenditures. These budgets can be created in any desired format. Assertive Management Group strongly supports the budgeting process in terms of comprehending the Owner’s objectives and providing a concise and clear road map for the operations of the property. Assertive Management Group analyzes capital investment needs and recommends action as necessary.

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Lease Compliance & Tenant Relations

Assertive Management Group will assure and administer lease and file compliance. Complete records of the status of tenant accounts are maintained. This record indicates payments, charges, legal fees, late fees, and any damage assessments. Every month, a Tenant Status Report will be provided with Financial Statements. Assertive Management Group will issue late fees to all delinquent accounts and communicate delinquencies with each tenant directly. When collecting delinquent accounts, all efforts will be made. These efforts include sending letters and notices, phone calls, and personal contact (if possible). If these efforts fail, the delinquent account will be transferred to an attorney or collection agency for the legal eviction process.

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Site Inspections & Compliance

Assertive Management Group will ensure a competent inspection of all physical locations at the property. We will also ensure the proper repair and preventative maintenance to all electrical, HVAC, roofing, plumbing, and additional equipment. Assertive Management Group understands the need for aesthetic appeal and cleanliness as it relates to the safety and satisfaction of personnel and clients. Documentation showing regular testing of sprinkler systems, emergency fire alarms, and other building safety equipment will be properly maintained and given to insurance carriers. This documentation will help in reducing annual premiums. Life safety procedures will be designed by way of evacuation plans. Issues such as asbestos control, ADA, liability, environmental, life safety, and lead abatement will be monitored for the property and building by the appropriate professionals under our supervision.

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Insurance & Transition

When directed, Assertive Management Group will oversee the administration of the property's insurance policies. Very important to owners and tenants is the transition from an old management company to a new management company. Complete audits of lease information, financial data, building information and service contracts will be reviewed, vendors and tenants notified and property inspections completed. Tours of the property will occur with emergency response teams and all applicable personnel. During this transition, direct communication will be kept with Owners to understand and verify objectives.

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Service • Collaboration • Partnership